In search of land

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I still think it was worth it

To crib from a “Friday Nights” video, last night I was welcomed to “Milltown, population: All of Your Cards.”

Rather than the Red/White/Black deck I’d drafted during my first booster draft or the Green/Black deck I’d built in the interim, I came to Friday Night Magic with the same Blue/White Control deck I’d brought last time, with some minor additions. [Read more…]

A first-time player at Friday Night Magic

Look at the shiny supplies!

Yesterday, I participated in my very first-ever Friday Night Magic tournament. I got there not long after 5 pm and the room was already comfortably full of people who had already paid their tournament fees and were playing against each other for fun. The ages ranged from “middle-school kid” to “first-generation, first-edition player” (although I would find out later that he was the father of the store manager and only started playing recently).

While signing up, I talked to the store manager about the changes I’d made to my Standard-format deck in the face finding out that four entire sets of cards would no longer be legal to play with after the end of September. He reviewed my deck and thought that it still seemed decent enough to play with; I was rather pleased with this because it was really tough finding equivalents to the outgoing cards using only the cards I’d previously bought and not buying any additional single cards. [Read more…]