About The Lady Planeswalkers Society

When Jennifer “Tifa” Meyen, assistant brand manager for Magic: The Gathering and co-host of the Daily MTG.com podcast, found out that some of her female friends wanted to learn to play the game, she invited them over to her house for regular game days. At the same time, she recalled the bumps and bruises she suffered while learning how to play the game and wondered if there could be an easier way to get not just women but all new players interested in playing Magic without the attendant stress of a tournament or boldly asking strangers for pick-up games at their local game stores.

With Wizards of the Coast’s permission and the sponsorship of her local store, Tifa held the first meeting and in 2011 was even able to gather enough players to hold an officially sanctioned event. Since then, interested gamers have created eight chapters of the Lady Planeswalkers Society both here in the U.S. and in Canada, with many more to come.

About The Lady Planeswalkers of the Universe

With the support of Universe Games in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we hope to become an official chapter of The Lady Planeswalkers Society. For now, our meetings will be held on a monthly basis; however, if there is more interest, we may move to a more frequent schedule.

Who can attend?

Despite the use of the word “lady” in the Society’s name, men are allowed to sign up for and attend a Lady Planeswalkers event. In fact, anyone can play as long as they can abide by the following rules:

  1. This is an group that caters mostly to new players, so we expect that anyone playing will be kind and patient with less experienced opponents.
  2. There are no sore losers and only gracious winners. This especially applies during drafts if a less-experienced person picks and keeps a card that a more experienced person desperately needs to add to one of their decks.
  3. Try not to use too much slang or jargon.
  4. If you have to use slang or jargon, try and explain what the slang and jargon mean using non-Magic terminology.
  5. If a player misses an opportunity to use their cards effectively against you but they don’t realize it, point out what they could have done. Note: You don’t have to point it out right away. These rules are not designed to hinder a more experienced player’s ability to win, but rather teach less experienced players how they can start winning, too.
  6. Keep the play tables free of debris and clutter, and keep refreshments away from the play tables. Note: It’s okay to have a bottle with a cap or a cup with a lid at your table during a game.
  7. If you borrow land from the society or another player, return it before leaving.

What can I expect at a Lady Planeswalkers Society meeting?

When you arrive, you will sign in and pay your event fee. This fee will be used to cover the cost of the booster packs and other demonstration material which you may be able to keep at the end of the evening. Be sure to indicate your level of experience on the sign-in sheet.

The meeting and event will start with an explanation of the event and format being played, and if you have questions, please feel free to ask. Once the table seating is announced for one-on-one play, you will find the table with the number you’re assigned and wait there for your opponent.

Rounds are timed, and if you’re finished with your round early, you are free to leave if you want for refreshments or to use the bathroom, so long as you can return in time for the beginning of the next round. In order to receive your participation and door prizes, you must be present at the end of the last round. If you are not one of the Top 8 players, you can choose to leave the meeting at that time. At the end of the meeting, the next monthly date will be announced as well as posted on this website.