Our first meeting

Two heads can definitely be better than one.

Considering that I’m a new player and have only taught one other person how to play Magic, I was a little apprehensive when inviting my friend and her two daughters over to play with me and my husband for our first meeting. My friend hasn’t played Magic in several years, but she was definitely looking forward to playing a game with them that didn’t involve a touch screen. [Read more…]

The mathematical approach to building a beginner deck

As a beginning Magic player and also someone who likes to read up and understand as much as possible about a new skill or concept before actually using it, when I started to build my first Standard-legal deck, I read a lot of other posts about deck-building from the official Wizards of the Coast site as well as fan wikis, collective “answer” services like Yahoo! Answers, other peoples’ blogs, and more. [Read more…]

A brutal takedown at the Theros pre-release

The all-stars from my Theros sealed pre-release deck.
The all-stars from my Theros sealed pre-release deck.

I was late getting out of the house to get to the store in advance of the event start time, but actually ended up being right on time as the event didn’t actually officially start until about an hour (and change) later. When I got there five minutes before the store opened for sign-ups, there were a few people who had already been waiting, including one of my previous opponents who’d destroyed me with his Slivers deck at a previous Friday Night Magic. We talked a bit about the new cards and all the new mechanics, which are completely new to Magic. [Read more…]

The booster box birthday bonanza

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I should have known something was up when I started to prepare dinner and found that there was a Magic 2014 booster pack sitting in the vegetable crisper. There was another one in the meat crisper, a third by our chef’s knives, a fourth underneath a container of pine nuts, and two more sitting in areas near where my husband had asked me where the various ingredients were for our dinner. [Read more…]