In search of land

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I still think it was worth it

To crib from a “Friday Nights” video, last night I was welcomed to “Milltown, population: All of Your Cards.”

Rather than the Red/White/Black deck I’d drafted during my first booster draft or the Green/Black deck I’d built in the interim, I came to Friday Night Magic with the same Blue/White Control deck I’d brought last time, with some minor additions.

Since that night, I’d pulled a foil Azor’s Elocutors and the automatic win condition just seemed too good and fun to try and use in a game, so that went into my main deck. I also moved a Clone and a Warden of Evos Isle because I wanted to be able to get more creatures down, and added in a Claustrophobia and a Deputy of Acquittals to add in some more removal.

However, the second and third opponents I faced last night were both running Blue/White mill decks, with the second person having two Jace, Memory Adepts! The first time, I didn’t react fast enough to either Jace and with the third opponent (who was also the one person I won a match against last time) I was almost able to kill his Jace but didn’t get there in time. I even tried adding in some of my own mill by sideboarding in a Sage’s Row Denizen, but I couldn’t get him down on the board either. I also misplayed some turns by not playing some removal when I should have.

My last opponent was a kid who was there by himself, his mother having dropped him off earlier and then coming back near the end to pick him up. I forget what kind of deck he was playing, but he was a really cool kid. He usually played at another local store, and I think this was his first time at this one. In a way, I’m kinda glad that I was able to hand him his first tournament victory ever; in another way, though, I was hoping I wouldn’t go 0-4 for my second tournament ever.

While I’d lined up to roll for the promo card towards the end of the third round, I noticed that there were three people who’d already signed up for the booster draft. I called my husband to update him on my progress, then told him that if we both entered into the draft, there would be at least enough people to do one. He told me that he’d love for me to sign him up, so I did, getting him a DCI card at the same time.

By the time the draft was ready to start, there were 16 people, enough to do two pods of eight people. My husband and I were seated at different pods, and for that I’m a little grateful because I’m still pretty nervous when it comes to playing Magic with other people as opposed to just him and me.

Since I am still committed to only playing with cards I win at drafts or I pull from boosters, tonight’s strategy was to pick cards that I didn’t already have in any of my decks or in my card library at home. I’ve also been watching the Loading Ready Run draft replays on Twitch, and if I saw cards that had been successful for them during their Wacky Drafts, I took them, like an Act of Treason. The only rare I picked was a Mizzium Mortars, even if I did see other rares go by. And if a foil land came around, I automatically took it so that I could start making the cards in my deck look extra shiny. I ended up in four colors, deliberately leaning more towards green and attempting to stay away from black.

When it came to deck-building, I stuck to remembering to run about 13 to 17 creatures, 5 instants/enchantments/sorceries, and filling the rest with land. However, because I really wanted to use my Mortars and a Mugging that I picked up, I ended up playing four colors. Trying to figure out how to add land for the deck was tricky. Because I’d picked up a foil Swamp, Island, and Mountain and wanted to use them and had two Selesnya Guildgates and one Simic Guildgate, I knew I had to add in more forest than anything else, keeping in my one foil Swamp, and attempting to balance everything else out.

As a result of trying to play four colors and not getting any land in my first hands, I mulligan-ed down to five cards at least twice and lost every match because I just somehow didn’t ever draw any creatures or useful spells. After my husband rolled the low score on the d100 to win a promo card for himself, I asked the store manager to look over my spell choices to see how he would have chosen the land. He told me that because I had three Gates in green/white and green/blue and didn’t have as many non-green, blue, or white creatures, he would have not run any of the red cards or the Psychic Strike at all, but stayed in green/blue/white and balanced out the land that way.

I think the lesson I learned tonight is that I definitely shouldn’t try and play a four-color deckā€”not at least until I get better at playing Magic.

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